• 9 months ago

I had this dream when I had one of my first nocturnal emissions as a teenager. This one was weird. I dreamed I was in my basement along with a bog German Shepherd. I was naked and went to pick something off the floor. That big dog hopped up and wrapped its paws around my waist push me to the floor onto my hands and knees. I looked under that dogs belly and saw a big dick slide out of its sheath. I got so horny my dick immediately rose up and became steel hard and dripping pre-cum. The funny thing is, that dog did not stick his dick in my ass. He began humping my buttocks. His dick was butting into the back of my balls, causing them ti swing back and forth. At this point my dick swells up even more. My dickhead turned an angry purple. All of a sudden I feel the dog hump faster and whine releasing gobs and gobs of cum. They splash against my balls soaking them in slippery goo. I grunt and jerk forward grabbing my dick as cum fires out all over the floor. I drop down exhausted. At this point I wake up in my bed panting with my underware filled with creamy cum. This is a true story. That dream had been in my memory for over 50 years. It still gets me hot.

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