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I’m a musician and years ago got some email from a girl I didn’t know from across the country saying one of my songs stopped her from her fifth suicide attempt and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. A couple years pass and she finds and adds me as a friend on Facebook. She still is a fan of my music and I’m happy to see she’s living a fun, healthy life. Aside from that, I hardly ever think of her.
A few more years pass and we get to this summer, where she has been on my mind quite a lot. I admire her strength to move on despite depression/suicidal thoughts and achieve so much and become such a great person. I also must say she is absolutely gorgeous. There are some obvious problems here, however:
– As was mentioned earlier, she lives on the other side of the country.
– She is 18 and I am 22, and I’m worried that age gap might be a little awkward.
– I’ve been in a relationship with someone I love dearly for 4.5 years now.
– I worry that since she is a fan of my music, establishing any sort of friendship with her may be somewhat of an abuse of power, even if unintentional.
It’s not likely to happen, but sometimes I like to fantasize that one day, years down the line, we’ll both be single and living closer to each other, and we’ll be old enough for a 4 year age gap to hardly mean anything, and we’ll finally get to end up together. I usually only date women older than me, but the way that this one came into my life makes me feel a particularly special connection to her, like we’re supposed to find each other some day. Sometimes I even think of messaging her just to say I’m proud of her and she’s in my thoughts and leaving it at that.

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  • I know a couple who’s age gap was 15 years and literally no one gave a damn, also lots of people I’ve met have around a 1-7 age year gap. As long as your happy don’t listen to other people, they only hate cause there bored of jealous. Personally I really enjoyed reading your story and I hope you two can become close one day and maybe even something more 🙂

    Anonymous June 19, 2018 11:59 pm Reply
  • Dude…I am 56 and my last three girlfriends were 29, 27 and 26. One of those relationships was two years long, and the age gap didn’t bother either of us.

    Anonymous June 20, 2018 2:23 am Reply
    • But it’s partly because I’m a lead singer/rockabilly guitarist. Each of those women saw me play and that’s all it took. Women love music and guys that can do it right.

      Anonymous June 20, 2018 2:25 am Reply

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