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dead love… this what we call dead love, when we love the person still but no longer want anything to do with them, sexually or romantically. what we have is dead love, dead memories in our heads. the good times the bad times, they all stick with us. I’ve been single for 4 fricken years, your out playing the field. I guess its time i moved on and started playing the field myself. It’s just such a waste, we developed a bond and we just throw it away. the fact no one has snatched me up in 4 years, suggests, I ‘m not wanted. I should be playing the field looking for someone who wants me. I’m not quite ready yet.

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  • Maybe your hanging out at the wrong places or with the wrong people? 4 years isn’t that long, surly doesn’t mean that you’re not wanted. Spend you’re free time being you’re best friend and it will show when the “right” person finally comes along. 🙂

    Anonymous December 19, 2014 6:23 pm Reply

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