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I feel terrible about what I did to the love of my life, Judy…

Please, let me describe this wonderful woman.

Judy is an angel. A gift from god himself. She is a strong independent woman and she knows it. Shes always wearing low cut blouses and the sexiest little black dresses ever! But lemme tell you, she doesn’t flaunt her sex appeal like a bimbo with 0 brains, she can be classy and sexy at the same time! On the outside, she’s pure sex on legs BUT!

On the inside, Judy is an amazing woman with natural mother instincts. She’s an amazing cook and she adores children.

I might be talking to much about Judy but I seriously love everything about this woman. I would marry her if she wasn’t my coworker. We would be getting hitched somewhere, not working this awful 9 to 5 job!

So that’s exactly what I did, I married her. We kept everything a secret since marriage between coworkers is considered unprofessional and I know my boss will fire me on the spot if they caught us.

Our honeymoon was short, sweet but short. It had to be short because she was complaining about pain the whole time. I didn’t know why she was complaining about pain, I mean it was our honeymoon, she should be happy! I spent a fortune taking us to the Maldives.

I thought maybe she was just having her time of the month, so instead of complaining I booked a cruise back to the States as soon as possible.

During our ride back home, she ended up going back to the medical unit on the boat because the pain was almost unbearable. I waited on the deck of the ship for my wife to come back.

She came back and she was excited.

I thought hey, maybe she finally got her pain issue solved but instead, she started to happily scream


I panicked. I didn’t think she would get pregnant from sex for the first time. We both boned during our honeymoon because well, that’s what newelyweds did! She shouldn’t have gotten pregnant.

In a state of shock, I picked her up and threw her off the vessel. She fell into the sea and I ran into my room. I shut myself in for 12 hours before coming back out again.

I felt extremely dumb after what happened, and as I type this I am currently searching google maps to see If I could find my lovely wife. Sometimes, I zoom in to think I found her but it’s not her.

I’m sorry Judy.

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