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Brace yourself, it’s kinda long. So, I’m male, just turned 15, and I have a reoccurring feeling that I want to give a blowjob. I want a cock in my mouth. I don’t know what it is, but I’m desperate to feel the erection go down my throat. So desperate, I finally accomplished it. But it was my Dad. He was half asleep, I was horny, I pretended I needed to sleep in his bed for a stupid reason. Then he fell asleep and his hand fell on my leg. I got my mind thinking. I moved the blanket aside and his hand fell onto my bare leg. His soft big hand turned me on, so I experimented. I removed my shorts and underwear, took his hand, and had him play with my dick. I had him touch my legs, my inner thighs, my dick and balls, and I’ve never been so turned on. To have his fingers wrap around me in such a way. Then I took the next step. I stripped 100% naked, got on top of him, and slowly removed his shorts, and his dick popped out. That fantasy of a blowjobs came back, and I put it in my mouth. I used my tongue to massage his cock while I sucked. After awhile, his hand appeared on the back of my head, and I looked up to see him wide awake. I saw in his eyes he wanted this too. So I gave my first blowjob, and after he came on my face, I laid in bed next to him, naked, face covered in cum, smiling. He fell asleep with a hand on my ass, which felt nice. I honestly dont regret it, when we’re alone now he says dirty things to me, gropes my butt, we sleep in the same bed when everyone falls asleep. I’ve only sucked his dick a couple times, but they were great. Im having a friend over, and I think he might be the second person to fuck my mouth. Believe it or not, I find girls very attractive, like really fucking hot. Girls are way better than guys. They can have nice tits, or an ass, or a perfect body, but the feeling of a blowjob, is too good to pass up. This is all true, you can choose to believe it or not, I dont really care.

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