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Insatiable Wife
When I started dating my wife I very soon realised that we were not matched in our sexual appetites.
She has a very high sex drive and was always the one to initiate sex. I was a bit shocked the first time
Walking home, when she would push me into a shop doorway and unzip me and we would fuck right there while people were walking nearby.
In the bedroom the liked to be on top and would ride me until I came, but it was never enough, as I would lay there, she would already be working on my limp cock trying to get me ready for another session. I tried to last as long as I could, but she was so intense and vigorous in her love making, that I could not hold back and would inevitably cum before she was ready.
We both realised that we needed to find a way to deal with this and one evening sat down together to discuss the options. She suggested a threesome with another man and admitted that she had done this before in a previous relationship. I reluctant at first, but knew that if I was unable to satisfy her needs, that it was likely that she would stray and I didn’t want that to happen.
She arranged it and we met this guy she knew for drinks, so that we could get to know each other.
Once back home she knelt between us and undid her top before sucking us both in turn. Before long we were both fucking her. It was very strange seeing her kiss and enjoy another man and the difference in her response and sexual enjoyment was obvious. I had never seen her orgasm as strongly as she did with the two of us working on her.
This has now become a regular occurrence in our relationship. When we go out, she dresses to attract attention from other men. She chooses the man or men that she will have sex with that night, sometimes she brings them back, but sometimes she goes outside with them and lets them fuck her while I wait for her at the bar. I am not as happy with this arrangement, but our sex when we get home is always more intense after these encounters. I am not aroused by the thought of my wife with other men, but I know that I do not have the stamina or sex drive to keep up with her, so if we are to stay together, I must accept this compromise.

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  • I have the same issue. I cannot satisfy my wife so I let her fuck a guy who is much younger and stronger than me. He has a cock double my size and after she has fucked him I too have a fantastic time fucking her as she is really aroused talking about how this guy fucks her hard and rough.

    Anonymous February 8, 2018 10:16 pm Reply

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