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I recently was talking with my 93 year old mother about all the sex allegations against personalities, specifically Charlie Rose, whom she liked so much. She proceeded to tell me, in detail, how she was sexually assaulted (raped) by one of the respected town elders when she was growing up in the 1920’s in a small town. She said her mother had to stay late at the church and wouldn’t let mom walk home alone. The man who was entrusted to take her home drove the short distance out of town to a secluded area and proceeded to pounce on her, tearing off her clothes and raping her. Mom said he took her home and dropped her off. She said she was in tears when Grandma got home. She said grandma didn’t believe her when she told her what had happened, even after showing her the torn clothing. She said that even if she had believed her, being a single mother (grandpa had died from eating poison mushrooms several years earlier) in a small town, accusing a prominent man of such a thing would not have been believed and would most likely have brought shame upon Mom and her mother.
The most wild thing about the experience was, the whole time she was describing the rape, I was getting aroused just imagining her sweet young red-haired pussy being violated. After she told me about it, I masturbated while trying to picture the event in my mind

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