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I was single for around a year and started to watch more and more porn. Eventually I stumbled across CBT instruction videos, where women tell you give you cock and ball torture instructions (orders).
After a while I started talking to girls on Snapchat or Omegle, for example and asking them to give me dares. If felt really hot giving control to someone else and even more hot that they would watch me do it.

One day I was replacing the sealant around my shower. I was holding this big, metal ‘gun’ with a tube of sealant in it. When you pump the trigger, a plunger gradually moves down the barrel, forcing sealant out of the tube. I had an idea. I removed the tub and slotted by cock through the gap in the side of the barrel and pumped the trigger several times. It, obviously got to the point where it was squashing my cock.
Enjoying this, I turned to Omegle again. I asked a girl to pick a number between 15 and 25. She didn’t know at this point but that related to the number of times I would pump the trigger. She picked 21 and I then explained why I asked, to ensure that she wanted to watch. She did.
After 18 pumps the plunger was already touching my cock. By 21 it was squashes to less than a cm in thickness. She loved it, so I loved it.

After trying that, it was never going to be enough and I had to push things further.
I took a sharp sewing needle and pushed it through the centre of a plastic deodorant can cap, then slotted this over the end of the plunger, gluing it in place. This created something that looked like a huge syringe!
Throbbing with excitement I went back to Omegle and, again asked a girl to pick a number… 25!!
I slid my cock into the barrel and pumped the trigger. By 15 pulls the needle was already touching the side of my cock. She wasn’t going to let me off though, she was loving it and demanded that I go through with it.
Pump pump pump… the needle pierced my cock and I felt the burn as it slid inside.
Pump pump pump pump… right through, the needle came out of the other side, my cock was completely impaled.
Pump pump… it was impossible to go any further. My cock was millimetres thick and had a needle pushed right through it.
She was sat, wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open then said, “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!”
Hearing that felt so good!
I released the mechanism and slid the plunger back, drawing the needle back through my cock and out.
Immediately blood was pouring everywhere. I didn’t care, it felt so hot that she was still watching me I just took it in my hand and masturbated until I’d blown my load, it was an incredible rush!

Then the inevitable happened. I looked down at myself, blood all over my cock, my balls, my thighs and dripping onto the floor and though, “What have I just done?!!!”
On the side of my cock where the needle went in there was a huge lump that was getting bigger by the second. My whole cock looked crooked, bent towards the other side.
I ran off and washed myself with antiseptic, panicking that I could have caused an infection. The fear had made my erection disappear and I was scared that I’d never get erect again because of the damage I’d done.
How could I go to the hospital and explain this one though? My heart was pounding and I was shaking, looking at my deformed manhood.
I did what most men would do, however, I cleaned myself up, pulled on my pants and just prayed that everything would be ok.

To cut the story short… eventually everything returned to normal but I was bruised for several weeks but you can imagine how worried I was in the meantime. I’m so glad that I didn’t cause any lasting damage.

The crazy thing?
I’m now in a stable relationship and have a healthy sex life but I can’t stop thinking about the things I used to do and it gets SO tempting to try again.

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