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I am married for 5 years. I must confess I have cheated.

My wife is hot. She confessed that she fantacised her ex bf when she was with me. I asked her to live it as I too had cheated. After a lot of coercing she agreed and we invited him, who is already married now. My wife lied that she was single and he came to meet my wife.

She became a different person that day. She was onto him the moment her ex entered. I had never imagined her to be such a slut. Her ex was hooked. He became her toy. She undressed him first and he was super stiff.. And I understood why my wife wanted him.. He had huge dick..

I secretly watched them and videoed. My wife knew I was there, but had no shame.

After they were done, I pretended to come home just then.

Just to annoy her bf, I told him I was her step brother, but I too fucked her. Just to tease him, I undressed and fucked my wife as a demo. That triggered him. Suddenly he got exited and he was all over my wife. He told my wife he too fucks his sister and it was a secret. His sister too enjoys his huge dick… It was now a shock to my wife… But kept silent.

I wanted more.. I told him to join us with his sis. He agreed.

A couple of days later, he came with his sister and we had sex together. His sister was the real slut. She penky said.. Fuck me Bro.. I am your slut..

I enjoyed the incest sex too.

I understood my wife was a slut. I also felt she needs a huge dick. I felt nice to see her orgasm like that. I know I like incest.

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