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A guy at work complimented me. The next time I saw him I smiled. Big fucking mistake. Some days pass and suddenly he talks to me a lot and complements me a lot. Mentioned something about some other guy liking me and tried inviting me to a bar but I brushed it off. TBH I just enjoyed the compliments. It felt nice. I wanted it to just stay at that level and never go any further.

Suddenly it seems like he’s trying to set me up with someone or was feeding information I had told him to someone. Suddenly this guy I never met and just now saw for the first time is asking me a ton of questions about myself. How the hell did he know I like video games? I never told him that and it’s such an out of nowhere thing to ask? Oh yeah I did tell that to the compliment guy. And they both know each other. Huh imagine that. :S It’s not like the conversation was bad I mean it was nice to have a fellow nerd to talk to but knowing that he probably likes me kinda kills it for me. I just don’t want to date anyone and I mentioned this early on. I liked the compliments and the conversations but I don’t want anything more than that and the pressure I feel on me, eyes, and gossip is just eating me alive with anxiety.

Did I really do anything wrong here by being smiley and friendly? Like I’m awkward so maybe I did. Is that considered flirting? Did I flirt without even realizing it? Tell me. I’m giving you guys the mic. Where did I go wrong? Note I never initiated a thing. These people came to me and all I did was respond naturally. :V

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