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I’m a poor college student. Not poor as in financially struggling, I mean I’m dogshit bad at studying and whatnot. I’m trying to ignore school right now to work in restaurants, and maybe start a career in the culinary arts. But I failed almost all the other college courses my parents insisted I take, majoring in graphic arts and business. I can’t even motivate myself enough to focus on basic-ass math courses. It was a psychological torture.

The fact is, I had to lie to my parents all two years I attended community college. I told them I was doing well enough, and tried to hide my abysmal grades as much as humanly possible. But between them insisting they see them for some bullshit car insurance thing and the periodical phone calls from my instructors (I didn’t have a cell phone at the time, so I always had to screen them), it made things difficult.

Fortunately my father is Ok with me taking a break from studies as long as I’m working. I’ll ride this out as long as I can.

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