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Babe, I know you are not looking right now. And I know you are gay for cis guys… But I cannot stop thinking about you. My heart trembles when I’m near you. I can’t stop thinking about you, our time spent together that night at your place, and I definitely cannot stop thinking about your music. I know you are trying to give the best impressions to the rest of the world by living as a DL. I know you don’t want to be openly gay to the world, and kept secret from everyone else about us. I know you have the same feelings towards me somewhat. We don’t even have to be together, but I just want to hear those words from you… do you love me back? Are you okay with the fact I am in love with you? I won’t hit on you as I will respect your space and your decisions. If you are not looking or wanting a break, I will give you all the time in the world, in the universe even. I love you so much I would even stop myself from getting closer to you completely if that’s what you wish. I am gay… because I want you. I love no girl, no other, but you. I’m gay … especially for you. I hope you hear me. And I hope you hear my beating heart from a mile away … beating for the deep love towards you. We are twinsies in almost everything. We both play music, we both are classical musicians. We are into sciences to various degrees. We are both sapiosexuals, smart ourselves, gay af too, and both faced similar dark sides. We are like brothers to a soulful level. I usually don’t write love notes or diaries like this. But I love you so much I just can’t keep it in anymore, I will explode and melt away like the resonance of a nuclear bomb. Like the science love song, the beating of the love ticking in my heart is just coming closer to explosion time; a bomb in my heart. It is your fault I feel this way, but tbh I like this feeling. It is the feeling of love. I love you. I never felt this much trembling and glowing feeling to anyone else…because you are truly kind to me, caring, and not appalled by the sight of me unlike others have been. You accept everything I am, you got such a cute innocent smile, and it warms my heart when we hugged that morning. I love you. And just you. You are the best thing that ever happened in my college life. I hope one day in my future I will look back on this confession and remember the time when I met the most gorgeous guy ever, who is so cute and smart and innocent… so beautiful inside and out. The guy I would brag about to friends and family, and I love the fact that we both tend to brag about the other . We basically are like a couple. If only we could date. I really don’t want to lose you. I think we were meant to be. I hope we stay this way forever. And I’m sorry if my love has ever gotten in your way. That’s why I only communicate my love for you through a way only us musicians can understand. You are the only one I think about when playing Claire de lune. You are the only one I think about when I play Ballade in G minor. You are the only one I think about when I play . period. I get so shy and nervous when around you. You might have noticed that I act extra cutsie and giggly when around you. And I tend to blsu hand avoid your eye gaze. i know you look when I look away. then kinda nod and look down when I look back. I find you so cute when you get caught in the act. But I get where you come from , and tbh I don’t mind. I love you , and I hope my perfromance this april at the concert my love song to you will be reached. Love E. Thank you K. for everything. Your generosity, your kindness, and your love. You are my rock and I shall be your stone. We are truly one of a kind and made for each other. I hope we stay this way babe. XXX

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  • Wow… I have many errors in grammar and spelling … I meant “blush and” in the last section of the paragraph.Well it is good to get it out finally. I hope it will be reached.

    Anonymous January 11, 2018 11:16 am Reply

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