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I’ve been in love with my best friend for years.
We’ve been friends for years and best friends for almost as long. When we first met in high school, we both liked each other and I even asked her out – to which she said yes. I never had the balls to follow up on it though, and it’s probably the biggest regret of my life.
Now we’re both single; her a few months out of a five year relationship whereas I’ve dated nearly a dozen people in that time.
Our other best friend is not only also in love with her but also suicidal. They were slightly involved, casually, but he fell for her. She doesn’t feel the same way about him and he’s heartbroken.
I want nothing more than to confess my feelings, but I don’t want to hurt anyone – neither my friends nor myself. What if she rejects me? What if she breaks my heart?

And what if she says yes?
What if the girl of my dreams really is the one?
What if I fuck this up?
What if it breaks my other best friend’s heart?
What if I never get the chance to tell her
Life is short and if something happened to either of us I could never forgive myself if she didn’t know the truth
But I could never bear to lose her as a friend and confidant who I would rather spend the rest of my life with platonically than not at all

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