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i kissed him and went to a hotel room with him even though i shouldn’t. he touched me when i didn’t want him to but i was alone and sad and had no one else and went with him. he only touched me but i feel so guilty and sad. i hate lying to my boyfriend about it he doesn’t know anything. he asked to be on a break and he was angry and it scared me. he hurt me and it made me really distant from him and this other man was there and gentle and i was weak and pathetic and went with him anyways. i’m back with my boyfriend after he sabotaged my job and i had no one else to go so i’m back with him and its good he’s been different and he hasn’t lost his temper in weeks but i feel guilty and sad and angry that i lost everything because of him. I’m tired and sad even though he’s been trying so hard and i’m afraid it’ll never go back to the way it was before. I’m scared and lonely and so tired it hurts.

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