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I am a catfish. I’ve been a catfish for 2 years now. I am a girl pretending to be a boy. I met this girl and lied to her about my age, name and gender. She is so sweet and lovely i feel so bad for lying to her. I actually cant stop thinking about her and really like her. She used to like me but i told her ”We can’t be together for reasons that i may not say” I tried to just leave, log out of the social media and stop. But 2 months later i came back on and she was so worried. I started again, she used to think i was a catfish but i told her im not. I used fake pictures from instagram and told her that they were me. She wanted to skype a couple times but i just said i dont feel comfortable skyping.. I wish i could stop and tell her. I really like her but if i told her im a catfish and i like her she would probably block me on every single social media. I really dont want to lose her.

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