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  • Hey there! I was still wetting my bed by 15, and my mom and dad and a ton of adults would offer weird solutions (from not drinking juice and only water to pissing on hot coals) but what I did was piss before I went to bed and NOT think about wetting my bed. I also put an alarm for myself in the middle of the night to remind me when to go to the bathroom

    The first couple of weeks were the hardest. I’d feel disappointed in myself for messing up. But my suggestion there is to keep going.

    The next couple of months, I’d wet myself one day and the rest of the week I wouldn’t wet myself. I could feel myself improving but I still felt extremely guilty for doing it.

    The final months, I wouldn’t pee for a month or so, and then I’d just randomly wet my bed for a couple of days. I almost thought of going back to using diapers because of how much I had to waste my parent’s washing chemicals. But I kept going.

    And here I am now. I haven’t wet myself for almost a year and it’s such a relief (pun not intended). I’m sure there are easier ways, but don’t feel embarrassed to get help, okay? Good luck!

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