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Every day I feel like a piece of shit. I lost my daughter because I suck at life. I moved to a different state for work and lost everything. She loves and adores me but I only get to see her about twice a year. I’m a piece of shit because I don’t call her as often as I should. Sometimes though, she’s with her mom who never seems to have a working phone. I miss my daughter so much I could die. In fact, every day, at some point, I think about killing myself. And then I tell myself that’s stupid and what would Ezra think, and I’m stronger than that. But sometimes are harder than others. I should be with my daughter but instead here I am, sucking at life in Kansas. If only I could save enough to move closer, I could be a better father. She shouldn’t have to suffer for my mistakes but maybe she’s better off without this lose in her life. Yes, I hate me… but then again, I always have.

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