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I fell in love… Only problem she’s a girl.. Other problem.Im a girl… Ive never had any problems with homosexuals or bisexuals, its something i really tolerate… I just never imagined it would happen to me…
Im just really scared, she loves me back, and we just make each others really happy… but how can she know if she really loves me, what does she know about love? shes younger than me, she’s just a kid, we’ve aways had that relationship of me being like an older sister to her… but i always knew inside of me that there was something different.. and when i finally had the guts to tell her that, she told me she felt the same thing… but i dont know if she really does or if she just needed someone cause she just got out of a relationship..
i would really do anything for this girl, i care for her more than anything in my life…. i left my boyfriend for her, im lying to my family, the majority of my friends… i know no one must know..
my love is so deep its dangerous… she s very unstable, and she used to cut herself, i couldnt stand it, couldnt stand the pain in my chest.. i told her that next time she was gonna do it i would do it too… and she did it a few days ago, she couldnt hep it.. and even though i promised her i wouldnt do it too, i did it… Im scared… I already have the whole “being bisexual in lebanon” burden on my shoulders.. now im scared she’s dragging us both down with her instead of me helping her…

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  • Stop thinking about commitment so soon and give it time. And stop cutting yourself and tell her to stop it as well. You shouldn’t have told her that you’d do it as well if she did it.


    Anonymous January 18, 2011 10:45 am Reply

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