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I sucked a really small cock for money. Well, technically it wasn’t FOR money. I did it for free (he just ended up giving me money, which I wasn’t against). He had a girlfriend. I pretended to care (to seem all moral and sweet) but in reality I didn’t give a shit. Not because I’m in love or because I like being a home-wrecker/destroying relationships. Hell, I don’t even know the guys name. At first I was nervous but then my mind nerves felt calm all of a sudden and I didn’t really care. We talked about random stuff on the drive to a near by hotel (which we didn’t even end up going to anyway). I asked if he wanted me to start sucking his cock while we drove there but he didn’t know this place like I did so I had to pay attention to where we were going. As we were headed to the hotel I realized that while I was dressed super cute, it was obvious that we would just be there to fuck. So I told him to pull into a dark place on the side of the road. After he found a spot he quickly pulled down his pants. We were done talking, and I had no intention of stalling. I quickly put it in my mouth and started sucking the tip. He was small, and I mean small. While sucking him off I thought, “Eh, maybe he’s a grower.” He was, but not by much. I felt his cock growing inside my mouth as he placed his hands down my pants. I continued sucking him off as he slid into my panties and in my pussy. “God you’re tight..” he said, letting out a moan. I ignored him and continued sucking the tip of his cock. Shoving in another finger, I let out a moan and sat up. “Wanna try eating me out?” He simply said sure. I laid my head on the dashboard as he slid my pants and panties off of me and kissed my pussy gently. Whipping his tongue across my clitoris and fingering me repeatedly all I could do was moan. After awhile I got back to sucking him off. Bent over, with my knees on the chair, my ass in the air, and my panties at my knees, he continued fingering me. After the pleasure became to much I sat down saying I needed a break. Either way, break or not, he was already satisfied. He gave a soft smirk and asked if I’d like to go home. Surprised, I said sure. I don’t remember him cumming, but he seems ready to go. I sat back and pulled my clothes back on. We talked on the drive back. He was polite, told me he felt bad for making me feel bad for his girlfriend (remember, I didn’t), but regardless he wanted to pay me, unless that would make me feel bad too (it wouldn’t). I accepted the money and we talked the whole ride home. We even continued to stay out and not do anything but talk about politics and race. It was odd, but nice. I don’t think I’ll ever have a one night stand as interesting as that. I went home with a wet pussy and $50 richer.

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