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I think I identify as a bisexual. In February, my friends and I decided to watch a hip hop show at a bar. The three of us girls were sitting, waiting for the show to begin. People slowly began pouring in, but as I was looking down I felt someone staring in my direction. I am a pretty shy gal and am not fully in tune with my sexuality. She held my eye contact and it got so intense i looked away. I didnt think of it much at that moment as I was not expecting anything to happen. Frankly, I thought she was judging me and nothing more. Soon enough we made eye contact again and it lasted for 5 seconds. She was cute and I still wasnt sure why she was staring. AGAIN, I looked away to break the gaze. Then a third time she looked at me this time with a smile on her face. This was when i realized she was probably trying to get my attention and not judging me. Idk, I am not confident with myself And dont think people are interested in me like that. HOWever, I convinced myself she was with a guy who probably could have just been her friend. I am writing this because 7 months after this encounter I have not stopped thinking about it. I absolutely regret not going up and saying hi. What was the worst that could happen. I wished I could have at least said hi. I am still pretty bummed.

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