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I’ve been married to my husband for 13 years. We’ve been together for almost 16 years since was 18. I’ve always been very sexual and curious but , little to no experience. I’ve had sex with 3 women since we’ve been married. I liked it at first ( I was extremely drunk ) but , I just liked looking at women and kissing not the sex. Somehow , my husband and I got on the topic of nude photos and live internet porn which neither one of us have ever been very into. I stayed up all night naked masturbating for other men online. I still didn’t feel complete. Somehow I managed to talk my extremely loyal husband ( He’s always encouraged me to be with other women until I discovered that I’m just not into it ) , who would never in a million years cheat on me , who is very possessive of me when it comes to other men , who would never have allowed me to have sex online , to actually let me have LIVE ONLINE SEX with a man 12 years younger than him while he watched . I’ve never felt more alive or confident about my body or myself. I truly enjoyed the connection between the three of us. It wasn’t just sex. We will never actually meet each other or touch each other but , he made me feel like a Sex Goddess and I wish I could thank the young man for everything he did for my husband and I .

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