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the first time i had sex was with a famous person. i was 22 and he was 31, he had no children at the time and was only engaged to a woman he would divorce less than a year later. i still think he believed i to be an escort as he left $1.5k under the pillow the next morning. although, this could’ve been “keep your mouth shut” money (a bribe basically) but to this day i have never been sure. he was… amazing in bed. the way he stuffed my vagina with his perfectly sized cock was so delicate but strong that thinking about it now is making me aroused. he may’ve left the next morning, but he came back later that night and we did it again. he left an extra 5k the next morning.
it still perplexes me how we met, though. perhaps at a bar? a restaurant? my best guess is it was at the restaurant i worked at, although i dont remember him ever dining there. this was about 8 years ago but i still think about it nearly every day. he doesnt know it (or maybe he does) but he has two children; i gave birth to twins 9 months later. the only person who knows who the father is is my cousin, the godmother of one of the twins. he wouldn’t recognise me if i saw him as i was in a pretty nasty fire about a year ago and have some major scars left on my cheek and forehead. i want to see him so badly, i want him to get to know his kids, but most importantly i want to ask him why he chose me. it’s not like we loved each other, but there had to be a reason he chose me over other girls. i’m not too pretty, i was overweight at the time and i had (and still have) a disgusting voice.

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