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The final boss in my dream was an ebony bombshell with phat ass and titties and I felt like she had some secret untapped superpowers she was going to unleash and mercilessly flay my sorry ass. Having admitted defeat, I shrugged and did what any sexually healthy brother would do and walked behind her in an attempt to grab that scrumptious booty so I could experience one last sublime sensation in my last few moments in this world. To my pleasant surprise, she didn’t even seem to notice my presence or my touch. I COULD HAVE MY WAY WITH HER, so I spread open her juicy cheeks to expose her heavenly brown hole and plunged my face into it. All of a sudden, she was giggling and gasping in delight and fell into a stupor as I ferociously tongued and sucked her puckered pooper. As her ecstasy mounted, she let out a wild moan, and her body immediately mutated into an ethereal being that dissipated into the air. I think that meant I’d won the battle.

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