• 2 weeks ago

When I was 4,(I’m female) back in 1991,my two year old brother and I were on our front porch. We lived on Main Street and our house was an old house with a big porch. Our dad was talking to this guy that had pulled up in the driveway.my brother had a toy car the kind you get in and push around with your feet.the car had a gas tank and he picked my dads gas can off of the porch and he yelled, daddy!daddy! I’m getting gasoline daddy! I’m getting gasoline. He was sorta bouncing up and down crying about to have a fit because dad wasn’t paying attention. He attempted to pouring the gasoline all over the porch. My dad then turned around and saw it and told the guy he was talking to, I gotta go! He ran up the steps onto the porch as quick as a flash and says,no you don’t you little shit.he took it away. Another time,my brother was in our parents bedroom rough housing with my dad and as usual, my brother threw his tantrum about something. My dad was on the fire department and he kept a home based scanner on in his room 24/7. He was trying to get my brother to settle down and so my dad yells oh po-leese-man! Come and get him!then as soon as those words came out,A police over the scanner said, I am coming right through that door! My brother screamed no!no! I will admit those were only a few good memories made back in the day.