• 2 weeks ago

I think I am starting to realize something.

I think some transgenders or women, have a detachable sphincter. They do not have pre-frontal cortex functioning, so they are not scared or squeamish about anything. Their sphincter detaches, and then I think they can push it out of their system, like a tail? maybe it sprouts into multiple tails? Split into multiple sphincters? Not sure.

But I think the sphincter inverts within their bodies, and it goes through various points in their body? and then it gets to their throat, and then it goes into their spinal column, and into their brain stem, and then into a space inside of their brain cavity, they control their sphincter omnidirectionally, and they shove it into their brain basically, causing ‘Enlightenment’ in its finality and total completeness.

At the same time, they have to eat their shit to survive. They use their sphincter, it goes up and up into their neck and throat area and then they poop into themselves and they eat their poop.

I know this sound funny, or horrifying, I don’t know. But Crystall_ross does this, also known as rusty_ross.. she is a real life futanari.

You know the anime porn, where the women look ‘puffed’ up kind of, that is she what looks like as she is ‘finishing’ which amounts to getting the sphincter inside of her brain. And then she opens and closes a space within her brain, and it destroy’s people brain functioning.

I am effectively trying to prove this, because I think I have a panic disorder from watching her do this so many times, because she belies that anything has happened the entire time. Further, I think other women are doing this, all of the time. I think my Mom has been doing this or something similar. It is traumatizing.

With enough video footage, I may be able to prove something. Basically, everything the Japanese talk about in their animes are real.