• 2 weeks ago

It was like that I gave people freedom to be themselves and behave how they are. Thank you friends for proving my father right… I questioned myself if telling your dirty laundry was the right thing, but it was easy to say that shit. Yeah I knew most of you were a piece of shit but bravo I wanted to be wrong and you took me away from the person my heart actually cared for beyond certain family members. I hope you are proud because karma is a bitch. And to everyone out who believes love isn’t out there please don’t give up. Be honest with one another. There was never anyone else, I was interested sure, but no one was ever her… I’m the problem and be kind to people who think who deserves it is a mistake. I just wanted a real conversation but I know war is an answer if the laws were more loosen. To you from our yesterday I loved you when you were open to me but no one had my back only knives you were the love of my life… unmarried or married you in my life. But did you felt the same?