• 2 weeks ago

(For some reason my messages keep getting cut short? I type this really long thing but then only like 25% of it gets posted?)

…Maybe I don’t understand.

Maybe that is how porn kind of works in general? Disdain for the people that watch you because in their life they don’t have it together and shit which is why they’re fans and watch this stuff in the first place?

I just get this like disrespectful feeling from them a lot. Like I’m sooo far beneath them or something. Like I shouldn’t be interested or attracted in them because that’s just absolutely crazy, as if I’m just like some NPC in their life or something. Maybe they have social disorders or something?

Like vampirism? Like they simply just like drain and steal from other people and they don’t care about it? They don’t seem to care about the way they make people feel?

As if they are entitled to be vampiric. Because ??? they have a big dick but “say” they’re a girl and “dress” like a girl and all that..

It’s almost like, if you’re here “for my giant cock” you’re just a bug to be smashed and the juices to be collected afterwards.

Unless you don’t give a fuck, at all, about physical characteristics in general, it’s like they just have disdain for you.

Maybe they’re like part of like the next step in human evolution, and part of that is like wondering or caring about like physical characteristics?

But the thing is… the older you are, the more set you are in your ways to an extent. Some things you just can’t really do anything about.. like you can cover it up, pretend, whatever, but innately I feel like you just can’t really change some things.

It’s like there is no context? But it’s worse than that it’s like they don’t even consider context in the first place. It’s weird… young people in general never seem to consider context.

I haven’t been able to “hit the nail” on the head I think with this… but I just kind of feel and see the same pattern over and over again with every single trans girl I see online.

It’s like this disrespect or this disdain for looking at them like they’re a woman or something. But it’s like… at the same time, like, it just seems weird to me? because we’re not even allowed to try and talk about this or anything, we’re not even allowed to call them a guy or anything like that…

Maybe I am missing a “younger person” philosophical issue or something.

It’s like, if I don’t come to you, then you’re meaningless and worthless, I think is what it comes down to maybe. Maybe that is their view?

I am jealous kind of. I wish I got to grow up and live with disdain and all this stuff and look down on people and laugh and all that stuff..

I mean really, I kind of wish my dick was just bigger I guess. It’s kind of a mind fuck… seeing all these giant dicks online and it’s like… I kind of got fucked in life, I feel like I am missing out on a great opportunity in life, by not having a 10inch+ sized dick or whatever. But maybe they make me feel that way? Is that something that they project? Like they project their dom-nature of their giant cock onto everyone so they can cower in fear and get their little dicks hard in a fucking “Sperm Competition Adaptation” syndrome thing or they just want to make everyone cower and shit. It’s almost they feel like their whole point, is to project disdain and make you feel like shit. To “put you in your place” but it’s like, they don’t know absolute place, only “relative” place and even that is skewed by lack of real practical experience and knowledge and culture and stuff.

Maybe it’s just the millennial control thing, they’re all peak controlling, about everything…. I hope it comes to bite them in the ass one day I think. Not sure if I will live to see such a day or not.

But it just seems weird to me?

I feel like what am I missing or not understanding? etc…