• 2 weeks ago

Here’s the text exchange we had immediately after. I was there at work too, I was out driving immediately after and couldn’t hold it in. It’s better than freaking out on him the spot about “too much information” (again). I can’t figure out if he wants people to feel sorry for him? I also try to tell him, nobody in this world, gives a fucking shit about you. Not a single person. Mom. And she is fucking dead!

ME: Dave “I hear yur buyin a couch?….” I don know where the fuck you heard that from. I know I didn’t tell you or ANYONE else that…”

I swear to fucking god, don’t ever tell him anything at all again that has anything to do with me. Stop yourself. Just stop yourself and do not do it. I don’t care how insignificant nothing. Not a single thing ever again. Especially dave

HIM : Don’t text me this fucking nonsense when I’m working. If you got a problem address it at home. This distracting and it irritates the shit out of me every time and I have to much bullshit here to worry about that minor crap

That’s petty

ME : I am gett really good damn sick of you….. Really good damn fucking sick of you

HIM : I don’t know what the fuck is up your ass today but you better fuck off and stop bugging me or shit will hit the fan when I get home tonight, I’m telling you for the last time. Don’t text me again!!!!!!

That last text is not sitting well with me. I think we need to go our separate ways. This time for real

(Thats another thing that really pisses me off about this guy “that is not sitting well with me” is something Dave would say. He takes too mu h example from Dave. I have told him 1000x do not talk like that guy… do not take example from that fat fuck… “I’ll tell ya right now” is another good one. You would never see me saying anything that fat fuck says frequently. That’s not a man anyone should strive to be like. I like how he is threatening to go full retard when he gets home.

ME : You need to listen to me when I tell you countless times so many times, do not even discuss anything to do with me, not a single thing with people at work. It’s that simple

Nothing. Not one thing. Absolutely nothing. I didn’t. I don’t want anyone knowing I got the mon

That kind of money to drop on a couch and I don’t want to hear Dave’s suggestions about how to dispose of the old one. Simple you drag it down the stairs and put it beside the garbage.

I don’t know what else you tell thes people who are not our friends.