• 2 weeks ago

I 17 female, and I have an older brother (biological) 25 male who is the hottest person I know. I often see him standing outside his room in his underwear the other day he came over to drop off some of his old history books for a project I was doing. So I invited him to help me. I was still in my PJs with no bra so he could see my tits. He had come over to me and asked for the scone on my desk and when I went to grab it to give it to him. I turned and felt his dick poking me. Then I felt myself getting super wet. He then had acted on his instinct and grabbed my bood with his hard grip and I moaned. The next thing I know, we were in his room. He had told me I had been a very bad little girl and I had to be punished for what I had done. He cuffed me to his bed and took off my clothes leaving me in only my panties. He started to kiss me while grabbing my boob he moved his tongue in his mouth not asking for entry. I moaned softly as he worked his way down leaving hickeys all over me. he then opened my legs and giggled at how wet my panties were. He looked up at me and asked ¨have you ever done this before.¨ I shook my head no. He said good and continued he slowly took my panties off. and began to lick my pussy and made small circles on what he told me was my clit. I began to moan and he just went faster I was on the verge of cumming when he stopped and said ¨Not yet Baby only when Daddy says.¨ He then uncuffed me and told me to put his dick in my mouth. I crawled up on him and slowly began to feel his cock with my hands I had only seen 2 other cocks before, his had to be at least 10 inches. It then began to lick his balls sack I could only fit one in my mouth at a time. I then put the tip of his dick in my mouth and slowly started moving up and down with my head, he then grabbed my hair and started roughly pushing me against his cock I swallowed his cum when he cummed. He then asked if we could actually fuck. I said ¨Im not ready.¨ and he ignored it and cuffed me back to the bed he then started figuring my clit until I cummed. He then started fucking me not pulling out or wearing a condom. This was a few months ago I am now currently 6 months pregnant and our parents still don´t know he got me pregnant. I feel bad for not telling them. I also am really grateful for my brother because he now almost every night since has come to me room and we have fucked, I have never felt better.