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Haha a moron?
You know not of what you speak. You think you know but all has not been revealed to you. Rich communists? That’s silly. Only the Rothschilds have riches. Here is how they use communism, capitalism and every other “ism” and how they use stupid people who support various “isms”. Divide and conquer has always worked well.

This information may be over your head.
ht tps://newtube.a pp/user/ntview/YMbvMTo
brainwashed by the USA and CIA calling other people brainwashed. The communists are now richer than you are without having to go to war while the USA basically obtains its riches by selling guns, armaments and weaponry through the suffering and deaths of others. Wars fund your country. You’re an evil nation. Eat shit, choke and die.