• 5 days ago

My nephew and I have been messing around since he was like 9. He knows I’m bi and always just walked in my room like it was his room too. If my door was locked he’s pick it with something and then catch me naked, showering, jerking off, or just chilling in my briefs and he would close the door and lock it behind him. Now he’s 16 and I’m 25 and he wants me to be his boyfriend. I told him we had to keep it secret, and we both have girlfriends, so it’s easy to hide what we’re doing. He’s so hot though. He loves to grab my dick right in front of my girlfriend and act like he’s joking and they all think that, but really he’s saying he wants me to fuck him when we can sneak away for a bit. When he was 12 he started taking my dick. I shared a room with my stepbrother who is OCD af so he didn’t like working in public. I would fuck my nephew right next to my step bro because he would have his headphones on and couldn’t hear us, and hes always so deep in his games he doesn’t even look away to see me fucking the hell out of my little nephew. It’s funny how my girlfriends always said my sick was massive and sometimes hurts, but my nephew has been taking my dick since he was 12 and his body was so small and tight it didn’t make sense to me how my girlfriends would complain. Oh well. His six pack, bubble butt and tight ass is better than them 100%