• 6 days ago

Yesterday my parents received my report card from school. While most of my grades were from average to great I failed in math. It is my worst subject but in the lessons I like I went great. My mom who saw my report card first while being disappointed with my grade in math congratulated me for the rest. My dad with whom I rarely speak yelled at me for failing math and didn’t even comment on the other lessons. (In my country failing one lesson doesn’t have an impact like at all.) I just overhead him calling me a word that in my language means lazy and pathetic while my mom was trying to defend me. I heard him say that he should have slapped me for being happy that I did well on my other lessons and now I feel like trash. I even thought that I should kill myself. But I am not going to do it. It was just a thought again. But I am scared that one day it might not be just a thought.
Now that I am confessing it I feel a lot better. And next year I will do better in my schoolwork I swear