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My neighbors boys are outside this morning playing and I woke up to take my dog out, in my underwear, cuz she wouldn’t stop barking. They stopped playing and was watching me walk her down the driveway to check the mail and one said something about “You can see his penis” and I guess that’s what they were staring at. So I played with my dick through my briefs and got a semi boner and then I turned around and the boys both made a gasping noise and I waved and they waved back. They yelled “Can we play with your dog?” And I said “Sure” back so they walked across their yard next to my driveway and I didn’t want anyone else to see my semi boner, so they walked to my porch and was asking what her name was and stuff staring at my boner. It turned me on more and I got fully hard and the boys watched my sick grow in my briefs as they asked about my dog more until I made my boner twitch and they both laughed. I grabbed it and said “Sorry, morning boners.” And they laughed and said it was alright. I knew they wanted to see my boner and I said I had to pee, so I handed my dogs leash to one of the boys and stood on the other side of my porch where their house was blocked and I pulled my dick out to pee and the boys walked my dog around the steps and could see my dick. They giggled and I asked “What? My wiener tan.. I know.” And the boys laughed and started talking about how big my dick was. “Your wiener is huge.” And I said “Well, it’s huge right now cuz it’s hard. But it’s half this size when I’m soft.” And the boys asked “Can you make it soft?” And I said “When I pee it’ll go down.” And the boys watched me pee and my dick slowly started to get soft and they laughed and said “It’s getting smaller!!” And I laughed and said “Yeah, told y’all.” One boy said he had to pee too and he walked over and started to pee next to me and then his brother did. They pulled their little wieners out and I told them theirs was really white and laughed. The one next to me said “Yours is still big even soft.” And I said “It’s still kinda hard. I guess it’s hard to tell unless you feel it.” And I shook my dick to finish peeing and then said “If ya wanna feel it to see.” And he looked at his brother and then they both finished peeing and held my dick. “It fells weird.” One said. The other one reached his hand next to his brothers and grabbed my dick and squeezed it a few times. “You’re gonna make it hard again squeezing it.” I said laughing and it started to get harder. The boys laughed and squeezed it more until I was fully hard again and I said “Y’all really like my wiener.” And they laughed and one said “It looks cool.” And the other one said “Yeah, it’s huge now.” And I said “I know, if I pull it up and down it gets big like that because it feels good. But y’all squeezing it makes it feel good.” And laughed. They laughed and asked “It feels good?” And I said “Yeah. Like when my girlfriend plays with it or sucks my wiener. It gets hard and feels good.” And they asked why she sucks my wiener and I said “Because she likes to. And she likes to make my wiener feel good.” And then they asked if they could play with it more. I told them “I’m gonna put some shorts on and come back outside in a minute if y’all still wanna play with my dog. And of course they said yes. So I opened my door and said “Wanna come in for a second while I grab some shorts?” And they agreed. Walked in and watched me take my briefs off and put on some shorts. I waved my dick around and slapped my thighs with it making them laugh and they loved it. They laughed and then I put my shorts on and walked outside. They asked what I like to play, and I said “I like to do anything outside, but mostly I like to lay in the sun naked. That’s why my skins so dark.” And they laughed and asked if I was going to lay out naked today and I said yeah. That I was going to put some towels down and lay out and then go jump in the river down in the woods behind my house. So they knew where it was and asked if they could go with me when I went. I told them they’d probably have to ask their parents and they said they were still sleeping because they work third shift and they let them go to the river all the time. So I knew their parents were asleep and could lay out naked with no one to see me except the boys. So we played in the yard tag. Every time I tagged them I would tag them close to their sides and accidentally tap their crotches or stomach and back. One boy tagged my dick and I said “Hey that’s not cool!! You’re gonna make my wiener hard again and it’ll be hard to run!” And they laughed and kept trying to tag my wiener so I wouldn’t be so fast. And when they got me hard I stopped and sat down in the grass and let it poke out in the sun and they kept making jokes about how my wiener was moving. You could see it twitching and my heart beating through my boner and it pulsed like my heart. Then I laid out and told them I was gonna tan naked and was gonna pull my shorts off. I just had to do it behind my house where the trees hid me being naked so no one could see. And they followed me to the spot. I pulled mg shorts off and laid in the grass and they laid next to me and kept watching my boner. I told them “Y’all better not touch it or it’ll get harder and stay hard.” And they laughed and took it as a challenge and kept touching my dick and playing with it. I started to precum and they asked if it was pee and I said no, it was sperm and they said they learned about that already from watching movies that had sex in it. Come to find out it was porn someone had shown them and they asked if I was gonna make white stuff shoot out of my wiener. I said “Not unless y’all wanna do it.” And they said yeah! And they wanted to see my wiener shoot the white stuff out. So I told them to go ahead and do what they wanted with my wiener but just don’t tell anyone cuz they’ll think they’re bad kids. So they played with my boner and then I told them to make me shoot the sperm out, they had to pull it up and down and they both used both of their hands on it pulling it up and down while I was laying in the sun tanning and then I got close and told them “Y’all are gonna make me shoot it if y’all keep playing with it.” And they kept going watching my dick throb getting harder, I started breathing heavier and told them I was getting close! They watched me moan and start to shoot cum all over myself and their hands. They both gasped and said woooaahhhh like it was the coolest thing they ever saw. And then when I finished I told them we could go wash it off in the river and they agreed so we walked to the river and jumped in naked together. Washed off the cum and then we played in the water and I kept touching their wieners and wrestled them and when we were wrestling I squeezed their arms to their sides and then rubbed their wieners a few times and then tossed them in the river and they kept doing it over and over. I loved it. I told them we had to play more sometimes and they said they would come over and play with me when they’re parents we’re asleep tomorrow again. I’m going to show them some porn and tell them we should try some of that since they wanted to try jerking me off. Maybe some gay porn with some younger guys my age so they will think it’s cool and I’ll end up fucking them both.