• 7 months ago

Okay, so a little bit of background. On one of my usual trips through the Internet looking for things that might or might not be interesting in the land of omorashi, I stumbled upon a little article someone had posted somewhere on how to achieve very rapid and powerful desperation. While recognizing that some people prefer six-hour holding marathons, I also know that there are some people who appreciate the desperate dance, or who don’t necessarily want the desperation to consume their whole day. To that end, when I found this article, I decided to try it out for myself and see how well things worked out.

Now, I know some of this is of the ‘well duh’ variety, but I know there are some people like myself who can pick up on things a bit better if you’ve got a set of instructions from the start and then can go about modifying them as you please once you’ve tried things out once or twice. So let me lay out a summary of what I did, and then I’ll tell you about how it affected me.

1. You will need some lead time for this strategy to be effective. Going into scientific mode for a second, this technique involves the level of something called vasporassin in your system, and basically what that is, it’s a chemical that regulates how fast your kidneys work. Less vasporassin, faster kidneys. This chemical is triggered by how much water is in your system, and so naturally to get the levels down you have to drink water. The good thing is, you don’t have to chug water until your stomach feels as if it’ll burst.

2. Knowing that, what you actually do is this; once every hour, drink a 12 oz. cup of water, about 320mL. That’s it. You can of course drink more if you feel like you can handle it, but the idea is to continue this drinking over a period of some hours, so starting with a smaller amount prevents you from getting full. This phase can go on as long as you like – as little as 2 hours or for the entire day until your scheduled desperation play in the evening. Pee as much as you like – you’ll know you’re ready when you pee mostly clear urine. Indeed, before the scheduled holding hour, you should try not to hold too much. Empty your bladder and drink once every hour. Basically, what we’re doing here is sort of establishing ‘momentum’ for your kidneys, so they become accustomed to working at full capacity, and when you start holding it’s like trying to hit the brakes on a freight train; it will take your kidneys some time to slow back down again, and all the while you’re trying to keep up with their output.

3. Now, you have to establish a ‘holding time’ ahead of time, because an hour before that time we change the rules a bit. Say, for example, you’re going to hold at 5pm. Starting at 4pm, the hour before your hold, you will now drink one 12 oz/350mL cup of water every 15 minutes. You can of course keep peeing during this time, but make sure that you keep up with the drinking. One cup every fifteen minutes.

4. When the hold begins, you must continue drinking said cups of water every 15 minutes until you become full or pee your pants.

For the record, I generally clock a bladder capacity of 550 to 650mL, so I’m around average, but someone with a huge bladder will obviously take more time to fill and to lose control. As per the instructions, I went ahead and drank roughly the amount listed every hour. This continued for about four hours or so until I set my holding time to begin at 3:30pm. I never once felt overfull or rushed when drinking my water, which is good, because I’ve often found that the sluggish bloat of an overfull stomach can have a dampening effect on the desperate feelings I want. Even when the tempo increased to a glass every 15 minutes, the glasses are actually fairly small, so as long as I paced myself I had no trouble and time to spare. It was also nice because gradual desperation sometimes gets to the point where you can feel it and it’s distracting, but not REALLY desperate, and it becomes hard to do other things while you wait for that strong sense of needing to go.

When the holding started it only took me about five minutes to feel a small urge, nothing enormous, but the kind of ‘hey I have to pee a bit’ 1 or 2 sensation. I continued drinking, and it escalated very quickly to a 3 within the first fifteen minutes. Progress was very rapid from there, an uncomfortable urge (4) when I had to get up to refill my water, which stayed that way for about ten more minutes until I just started getting hit with desperation waves that grew very quickly and made me feel as if I was skipping up to a 7 without hitting the intervening stages.

For the next half an hour or so I wavered between 8 and 9. I had to hunch over to keep the desperation from growing too strong, but typing like that was too difficult, so I’d have to straighten up to type before hunching back over. My legs would flap back and forth (I oddly didn’t ever cross them) and I had to squeeze myself quite often and quite hard to fight back the waves of pee – I’m certain that there were times when it had come up into my dick and only frantic squeezing and some probably ridiculous-looking facial expressions kept me from going. Stupidly, I hadn’t set up a safe zone to wet in beforehand, so at about 45 minutes into the exercise – almost peeing as I got up and grabbing my crotch as I ran through the house – I had to get a towel and some plastic bags.

The last ten minutes were pretty much pure pee torture. I could only sit in a certain way without feeling pee start to run up my urethra, and no matter how much I grabbed it didn’t feel any better. For whatever reason, my right hand was squeezing and rubbing along my right leg constantly, and I would sometimes bend over almost double and grab my ankles. I could hardly think – I kept sort of just squeezing myself with my left hand and squeezing random other places with my right, feeling the teasing tingle of pee run up and down my cock nonstop… So many times I wanted to just give up and let it come out, because I knew it was going to feel so so so good when it did. But I was trying to hold as long as I could and do so while sitting. I had the urge to get up, move around, sit down, just do anything but stay still. It got to the point where I secretly prayed that each surge would overwhelm my defenses, and moaned with desperation when the surge receded, leaving me with that bursting bladder.

I finally lost control after 56 minutes of starting the hold, which is honestly better than I thought I’d do. I also didn’t miss a single cup of water during the holding process, although getting them filled up is a kind of torture in its own right. Still, if you’ve got a weekend or a free day and want to give this a try, I recommend it (or make someone else do it). Anyway, hope you enjoyed this, and let me know if you want more particulars on any of the drinking/holding process.