• 7 days ago

Ariel Rosewater:
The affair I had for a year and a half ended. We were both married. His wife became suspicious, and confronted me. I confessed to my husband. We’re working on our marriage and doing well now.

The ex affair partner has reached out to me several times since it ended, but I ignored him. I haven’t ever replied. The last contact from him was a couple months ago, and he apologized. I never replied.

I was glad this affair was over. He told me awful things that he keeps hidden from his wife, and it was terrible. He said he’d been in a sexual relationship with his wife’s 20ish daughter. That disgusted me. He always tried to get me to do violent sexual things with him. He also wanted me to be intimate with other people with him. He truly sickened me.

I felt awful about my adultery, and asked for forgiveness. This man is a self proclaimed sociopath. He had some bad issues, and always said that me and him couldnt go separate ways.

Do you think he will try to harm me? What should I do? I dont talk to him, and avoid going anywhere that he may visit. He has a very good reputation as a pillar of the community. Everyone thinks highly of him, but he’s a terrible person who manipulates everyone around him. Is ignoring him the right thing to do, or should I tell him to stop?