• 2 months ago

Just because you’re a parent doesnt mean your kids should be grateful for you providing them the bare minimum ” food, shelter, water…etc ” because that’s YOUR job like what are you expecting a literal child YOU got into this world to do ? That’s your job to provide ( they didnt even ask to be born ) you providing shit for them doesnt give you the right to treat them as if they’re at a lower class than you are, like you disrespect them, bully them, bodyshame them, not listen to them…etc this stupid mindset of parents thinking they’re THE absolute shit and their kids were born to just blindly obey like a fucking animal and fulfill their parents’ dreams is so stupid and it’s the reason why this new generation are all having mental issues. Learn to be better humans, because you were born human before becoming a parent which means you will always make mistakes so just because you’re a parent that doesn’t make you a flawless God, learn to respect the humans you brought to this earth and stop being so egotistical ffs