• 2 months ago

It was a risk I took and it paid off then, and for the nearly 4 years that I knew Elaine and Elizabeth. They were visiting their grand parents with their mother. Their grand parents lived down the road from me and were my friends as well as my neighbors. I knew that they were coming, I was just not sure when. I got an almost painful boner trapped in my jeans when I first saw them. Then when I met the girls and their mom in person I found I was in very strong lust for all three of them. I had seen an outdated photo of them once and didn’t think to much about it. Elaine, (Lanie) was almost 15 now and about drop dead gorgeous. 5’3, 105 pounds I guessed with a nicely slender curved figure. She has a cover girl face and long light brown hair just past the shoulders. Elizabeth,(Liz or Lizzy) had just turned 13 and could have been her twin except for subtle differences in their physical maturity and she wore her hair shorter. It was just to her shoulders with bangs. They both looked so much like their mom Laura, it was uncanny.
I had glanced at her individual photo more often than any of the others when I visited my friends Bill and Mags over the last few years. It too was outdated but she was a fine looking woman. I had turned 24 on Lizzy’s birthday and currently lived mostly alone. After being well met I got to work on my neighbors lawn maintenance. Bill said he would join me in a few minutes but I insisted that he spend time with his family. I had known him and his lovely wife Maggie for 3 years now since I bought the place down the road from them. They were hitting their golden years and we took care of each other. (tbc.)