• 2 months ago

It’s never ceases to amaze me how intentionally ugly and not cool people can be these days. It’s not rocket science. Grown adults and they don’t help the ugly with a bad attitude, clown coloured hair, no-makeup, or body fat, although a person’s frame is probably dictated by their parents who were probably ugly as shit too. The physical deficiencies can be helped to a degree but bad taste can’t be fixed which is your sense of style, your beliefs, joining a man haters club or a woman haters club is just bad taste. That’s a choice. You could be doing something much cooler than that. Take up competitive automotive racing. Maybe start a Heavy Metal Band. See that’s cool. It’s not popular but it is cool. It’s in good taste and if you can pull it off, everyone will think it’s hot. If you accidentally blurt out Timberland instead of Timbercliff, my mind automatically thinks “this freaking idiot had Timberland on the brain? That not only dates her, but is sickeningly bad taste… that is not cool. You chose wrong”. The fact that they like Timberland, is not a physical trait, but it is ugly.