• 2 months ago

I caught my sister swigging vodka from moms bottle and caught it on my phones camera. This was 4 months ago. I knew it had to be her since I don’t drink vodka and mom rarely drinks it unless it’s girls night. She and some girlfriends gather at each others house in rotation to eat, drink, play cards and bullshit the night away. My sister is 12 going on 20 thinking she knows it all. She is also the prettiest girl her age in the state of Ohio. Her name is Lucy but I call her LuLu for Lucky Lucy. She likes that. She begged me not to tell. I told her how much mom distrusted me now thinking I had drank her vodka, and then thinking that I lied to her about it. In fact Lu had done it and stood by while I got in trouble. I told her that she had threatened my ability to work and help pay for the house and keep food on our table. I was mad and disappointed in her. My sister. My friend. I also reminded her that mom would be furious with her and be very, very disappointed. She knew it was true. I could see that she felt miserable about it.
We had always been pretty close and lately, in the last few months, with her pubescence and natural curiosity we have been fooling around a little with our ‘privates’ like when we were younger. This time though it was over our clothes and nothing real intimate. Now being a bit older we are being pretty flirtatious as well. Still pretty PG rated to my experience with girls and women. I turned 16 yesterday. I laid on the guilt pretty thick and heavy. She said she would do anything to make it up to me if I didn’t tell. It gave me an idea almost instantly how she could make it up to me. She was all into the idea of fooling around some like we used to. Excited really. When I brought up masturbation, oral sex and having real sex she kind of back tracked. I made her a screwdriver not even pretending to have one myself. We had an easy 4 hours before mom came home. 3 if we wanted to fix a nice dinner. Mom deserved a nice dinner and then some. We reintroduced ourselves taking a shower together with nothing overtly sexual. When we were dressed and she was primping I kissed her. Not meaning to I began to pull back as she was warming up. We held each other and really kissed.