• 2 weeks ago

I actually want a beta woman tbh.

I want the girl who cries when she gets yelled at by the bitch. Or I mean “alpha”

That is my perfect match actually. Those types are drawn to me too. A sweet girl. Usually very attractive. Cute. Least likely to have tattoos. You know? I won’t look twice at an “alpha woman” whatever that means. Just buying into that shit and applying it to your life, alpha/beta, it’s really stupid. Why don’t you take some piano lessons or something. Put that useless energy to something constructive and nice. What makes you alpha? What if a guy just doesn’t listen to you? It’s not like you can make them listen to you or see you as an “alpha” if they don’t want to acknowledge it. They just walk away, are you gonna kick their ass? I don’t think so. It’s pointless. You think that’s a quality character trait in a woman? It doesn’t sound like a good thing to waste your time or energy thinking about. It’s almost like religion. There nothing there to see. Nobody gave you a medal for the title of “Alpha Woman”. It doesn’t mean anything, what does it give you? It’s a title. Like king or queen but is it a title you inherit through blood relatives? It’s like a song, you had to download. Where is it? Where’s the LP or CD? You don’t have it because it was a download, but what the hell is a download? It’s ones and zeros. Showing to me. You can’t, you can play me the song, but you can’t show me shit in physical form because it doesn’t exist.

Are you an Alpha woman? I don’t believe you.