• 2 weeks ago

Clark Hallisey introduced me to a guy named Daniel Wozniak (later convicted in a double homicide in California) this man was what we call a mudshark or coal burner– a consummate chocolate chaser.

I guess Daniel’s Dad had made a few racist jokes when he was growing up and Daniel took it upon himself to be a slut for every black man he could. Daniel first introduced me to Cleo’s Lounge (he sucked off cleophus in front of everyone as soon as we arrived) and also a down-low house party out in california where str8 acting brothers got buck wild slamming white cheeks and coating white throats with jizzle juice.

Daniel was an actor and a real showman and while being spitroasted by two brothers he’d be singing an opera and carrying on about what a dirty muffin assed whore he is and how much he loves African Americans.

I was at the bar at Cleos and Dan was down on the dancefloor having a train ran on him by some real thug looking blacks. After the 9th or 10th black buck flopped and pulled out Daniel still bent over, raised one arm and let out a 30 second fart before exclaiming “THE RACIST GHOSTS HAVE LEFT ME!” Nobody said anything (I think he was expecting applause or something for being so woke) and he quietly put his trousers on and came and sat down next to me.

“That felt good” he said.