• 2 weeks ago

There’s all that but I also get loyalty out them. The real shit. They look out for my well being. They shoot it to me straight, the way I need to hear it. They will be the first to tell me if theres shit going down behind my back. Say there’s a dude, he’s a snake. I know this, I can always sense it, and he is actually a simp. A real simp. Puts high value into a woman who does not deserve it and he tries really hard to the point that he’s more creepy than most women realize, and he’s real thirsty. I see it, I don’t like it, it’s irritating to me, but whatever. I keep it to myself.

At the same time you have me, who attracts loyalty and good women who care about me on some level without even trying. They know me, they know what they see is real, and they like me. I know this one, she was good to me, platoniclly. I remember standing there one time in a meeting with about 15 people, a friend of mine, he was cool with me, I never had a problem with him and he was cool with me. With chicks, I don’t know, that’s none of my concern. I’m standing there, she’s in front of me about 2 feet. This guy swoops in, and leans right into her. I don’t know, maybe at one time or more he tried to get her and she had a long term boyfriend at that time. He’s leaning, arms are touching, she turned 180, did a loop backwards and leaned right into me, the same way he was doing with her. That says a lot. She was also the same one who was telling me one day to “whoa….. stay away from him….” with regards to the first simp I talked about. The super thirsty creep, who I knew had a problem with me, I had seen him in action a few times and didn’t know what exactly it was about, but at the same time didn’t really care. I never asked I never asked her why, but I assume he was shit talking me or be got jealous of that loyalty that was there for me, for no real reason, I don’t even try, and he got nuts. That was her exact words “whoa….. stay away from that guy….” and I honestly had no idea what specifically I did to piss him off. I probably hadn’t even seen him in a week. Unusually know, and I can do an asshole especially if I’m right and and I don’t like a person. I’m not afraid, any restraint on my part is usually just to keep peace for the greater good. I much later found out exactly where all that hostility was rooted from and yeah…. dude was a snake. But yeah, she warned me that shit was being thrown around. Quite a few guys fucking hate that about me. I don’t even try. They try their hardest and really care and can’t fucking get it for anything. Not completely.

Simpery only applies if you are placing high value on bad women because you are so thirsty it doesn’t matter. They are not all bad.