• 1 week ago

I was almost 14 and I knew almost instantly that my 10 tear old niece was rubbing herself on my leg for the pleasure. “Feel good?” I asked. She was straddling my leg humping me like a puppy and looked at me excitedly nodding with a quiet “Yeammm.” “Do you do this with a lot of people?” “No, I’m not sposed to. Mommy says it’s not good, it’s dirty and wrong.” She looked suddenly afraid. “You wont tell her will you?! I’m sorry! I’ll stop right now!! really I will. I’ll stop right now if you want me to!” Still humping away. We talked for a minute when I pinched her tiny nipple where her tit would grow. We announced that we were going down to the creek. There in a secretive spot I showed how much better it felt if I rubbed between her legs for her with my hand. She called “Down there,” or her “Slit” like her mom. I told her how much better it would feel without her pants on. So I had to show her what guys looked like “Down there” and quickly we were both half naked. Looking and touching and learning. After I rubbed her off to her first orgasm. It wasn’t very strong but she was amazed. I kissed and licked her tiny bald slit telling her how much better it would be when I could do it for a longer time. the same with her sucking on me. So she tried kissing and sucking on my boner for a second. “Like that?” Smiling. “We’ll have more time after lunch.” I told her. “Let’s go eat and come back!” She was all for it excitedly and said “And well never tell anyone!!” She and my dad’s sister were going to stay with us for a few months through her divorce. This was our first day together. They got here about 9 this morning.