• 1 week ago

Why are so many young girls, like women age 30 and younger, so fucking dorky in 2021? Jesus fucking Christ I understand your all trying not to get raped, and a lo of you play for the same team, women of you hate men, and some are all of the above but my god. Please go watch a few hours of 70’s and 80’s commercials, pay attention to the beauty ads, the makeup, cream, Johnson’s baby lotion, etc, and learn. Please. There’s always been dorky women, but I think the proportion is way worse than I used to be. Zero fucking sex appeal. There is exactly no hotness what-so-ever.

I was parked at the pot store waiting for my brother after work, and I’m a bit irritable, I had a headache coming on, so I parked like a bit of an asshole. The parking lot wasn’t full, there was 2 spots right behind me, by I pulled in and was slightly into another lane, sitting there looking at my phone.

I look up, and there is some dorky ass girl, glasses, thick black frames (very dorky, very original), nappy head hair, buck teeth, just a complete fucking dorky, I guess while I was looking down, she was trying to prove a point by pretending she was trying to fit into the 2 ft space I left open in the spot I was aiming for. I look up to see this, my window was down, she backs up and says to me in the most snot nosed nerd voice “This is a pickup parking… you’re taking up 2 spaces… god” with a whine… I immediately said in loud enough voice “Alright fuck…. come on over here, Karen….” Put it into gear, pulled forward and back into the spot to my left, leaving the spot I meant to hit, for her. By this time, she is in one of the spots behind me.

See if that was me, I would have just said “this fucking idiot…” to myself and left it at that. She had to say something that solved nothing.

The look of her though. I can’t imagine a old man when I was a her age looking at me when I was her age, I had long hair, I listened to rebellious rock music, I’m sure they would have thought it was weird then but they would not be like “you…. are a fucking snot nosed dork…” that’s what I wanted to say. “Tell me something… what kind of shit no nuts music are you listening to…?”