• 2 months ago

Im no hapy with the way my life has turned out. I have no dreams or ambitions, no career, and no sex. Rather than put in the effort to better myself, I’ve been bullying two girls I want to fuck but cant for a couple years. I uploaded their nudes to porn sites cause its legal in my area and got random creeps on the internet to harass them for me so I don’t have to get my hands dirty constantly. I stepped it up during covid because I wanted them to be isolated and go insane like I have. One of them, a physically crippled girl, got a protective order on me and has slowed down her nude modeling career due to my organised targeted harassment. I haven’t stopped bugging her, i just had to get creative and do whatever i could without violating the letter of the law. The other has removed all her public social media and is pretty much in hiding because no one believes her over me since she’s a known liar and a repeat cheater. I Really wish I could improve my life. I know ruining other peoples lives wont make mine any better, but at this rate I feel like I’m gonna be stuck in this vindictive, obsessive rut til my life falls apart around me and I snap and go postal. I just need some pussy so I can start living my life instead of ruining lives. Hard to just go back to normal when you’ve been feeding your bad habits for so long. I turned myself into a demon because I was lonely and these are my sins.