• 1 month ago

I am married and never thought about gay sex. About 3 years ago a family bought the house up the street from us.They had a soon who was about 8 I think.He has always been very friendly to me and no doubet in anyones mind he is gay and almost looks like a little girl with long blonde hair. My wife works days and I work evenings so Im home alone in the day time usually tinkering in my garage. He would always ride his bike by and than end up in the garage asking me what I was doing. I have a bathroom off the garage and one day while he was there I had to piss.I went in the bathroom and didnt notice he followed me in and I looked over and he was staring at my cock. I looked at him and he said its big.For some reason I satrted getting hard. I ask if he wanted to toucch it and he shook his head and put his little hand around it.I knew this was wrong but coulddnt stop. I told him you ccant tell anyone or we wwill be in trouble.He said he wouldnt tell.
I just stood there watching his little hands playing with my cock and within 5 minutes I shot the biggest load I ever shot .It was on the floor and all over his haands and he was shocked he thought he hurt me.I said no it felt good.I cleaned him up and cleaaned the floor and wee went back to the garage.I told him how much I appreaciated it.I want to kiss him so bad but didntt.He started comming everyddaay and I started kissing him and he started sucking my cock within 2 months.He wasnt good at it at first but learned fast.He sucked my cock almost everyday that summer.I wanted the chance to fuck him bot the movedd away that fall.The only gay sex I ever had.I loved that little boy