• 2 months ago

I really wonder how pleased the monster cocks are. So it’s big and and all that but ya’ll can’t be to happy not being able to slam into a woman, body to body. Porn stars aside girls you know it’s painful. Girls- they like playing with it, wagging it around and sucking, but don’t like anything like full penetration. We laugh and make fun. The women and little girls who do take it in the pornos and in real life totally regret it later on as the years go by. Penis reduction is not an option but cows and ponys are. Yes I am slightly bigger than what “They” say is average. But I am only a thick 8 inch monster, at it’s height, during wild times, and I am a considerate lover. We enjoy our loving sexual relations. If we don’t continue… so be it. We Love. We respect. We are well armed.