• 2 days ago

Also though, with me, if someone I am working with is being a dick for no reason, they’re behaving strangely, no real logical reason, they are clearly bothered by certain specific situations, say for example the person clearly cock blocks you for seemingly no reason. Brutally cock blocks you and hurts the woman in one fell swoop, logically this person has a specific beef. That’s no t going to help my lack of respect or care for what their opinion is. Envy or jealousy some shit like that, it’s easier to say, well fuck em. If you understand the motive is easy to not care no matter how it is. Some toxic people are really bad though. I’m currently working with a super toxic dude I’ve known for about 20 years he only gets worse. He gets a bit more covert about it these days, he finds way to take hours away from me and shit. Describe it as alliviating me of a few things when I don’t need it. I never asked for it, and I take it better than I did, we used to get into yelling matches over other shit, he has driven so many people out of there over the years. It’s not just me. He needs to know everything about everything with everyone. He is the kind of guy to notice the sticker on your licence plate is expired. Walk in with a new jacket, where, how much,.ya know there’s probably sales out here now…. What did you for a this place to eat Las night? How much. It was free. $30 of food was free. You know why? Because I rock that’s why. He cares WAY to much about everyone else’s business. He would make a bad cock sucker of a cop that’s for sure. He reminds me of a cop wannabe who couldn’t have cut it for his poor physical shape. Thank fucking god that fat prick is not one. Thing about me is I don’t care one way or another. You had a stroke you’re out and not coming back? Fine whatever, if you are strong you will survive, good luck now I need to get back to me life thank you. Same goes if he’s back in. I just don’t care. I expect nothing less out of anyone else if it’s me.

Hate me or not, everyone I ever worked with, deep down if they think about me, maybe they hated me, maybe not I’m literally a robot, this is work, I am good at everything I do, that’s for sure, without even needing to compete, very cool competant and I couldn’t give a fucking rats ass what the fuck you think, unless it makes me want to kill you. Thinking I’m gay is not one of them. I mean really piss me off, irritate me, or be ugly, underhanded shit, stupid motives jealous, envy, spite, bad taste in pop culture, in other words IM JUDGING YOU, never mind what you think of me. Then I care but it’s only because you are probably making the fucking vein in my fucking forhead buldge and giving me a headache over something I don’t really care about. It’s an irritation.

Always consider the motive and the source. Someone jealous and envious is a compliment, but it can be a pain in the ass if they care too much.