• 2 weeks ago

Yeah I guess so, yeah.

Of course, but at the same time, I don’t really know. Top of the chain, it’s you, no doubt it was all under your control. The retards you enabled, cowards, nutless cowards, are exactly that. There is some definite narcisim going on there somewhere, you habe it, but how do I know it isn’t your husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, brother, fuck it could even be one of your fucking parents. Whatever your freak ass is up to? You don’t mind being in the presence of shitty people, you prefer it. Thats all you know. But yeah, I was just thinking about that angle today. The narc angle to it all on your part. Absolutely. If you say so, sure. It’s all you. When it comes down to it yeah, but it doesn’t matter anymore. It long done.