• 2 weeks ago

In the morning, about 8, my sister joined me near the coffee pot. I had been up for about an hour. She smelled wonderful after her shower when she wrapped her arms around me and groped me over my boxers. I had also showered. “Mmmm and good morning to you.” I said to her silent hug. She slid her warm small hand inside and started working me up. When I was hard enough she gently nudged in front of me and bent over the counter. She wasn’t wearing panties under the Wonder Woman sleep shirt that came down to her slender, strong mid thigh. She bunched it up then around her narrow waist, obviously giving me access to her from behind. God she was beautiful anyway, but like this she was doubly gorgeous. She was plenty wet already so I worked at shoving my thick 7 3/4 inches up inside her hot, tight, 14 year old body. “Oooooooommmmmyeeessss!” She made some sound as I opened the lips of her small vulva and fed her sweet hungry pussy. My cock reached it’s full, fat 8 1/4 inches in a few slow hard thrusts and I began fucking her. “Uh! hu! hu! uh!” She was quietly grunting as my pelvis slapped into her plump ass and just recently widening hips, while I pumped in and out of her with growing speed and energy. She came as I fucked her like that, groping her little B-cup breasts while pulling and twisting her hard rubbery nipples. I had a hand full of her long, silky brown hair. It was like I was grabbing her mane and trying to stay on a horse, pounding into her spasming, gripping vagina. Spanking her a couple times. And a few more times when she asked/told me to. She climaxed again and then again right in a row and collapsed her chest on the counter. I finished as deeply inside her as my cock could go without hurting her. My otherwise powerful legs were going weak and shaky as my balls emptied what ever they could find to squirt after last night. My lady nearly melted into the floor when I pulled out of her. Like my shaft was holding her up. I made her stand and turn to face me. “Oh my god I love you baby.” She whispered as we melded together and kissed and she began to fade and I carried her back to her clean bed and she slept. We hadn’t used any bed last night. Giggle. I got a towel underneath her and gave her a sponge / tongue bath and she slept until I had a lite lunch for her. Our parents have only left for two weeks. We are so lovely together.